What I Think

Today’s post doesn’t really have a topic, sorry. I am feeling a little all over the place at the moment. There is a bit of an expression in this field. Truck driving is mostly boredom and about 10% wild stuff. Yesterday was the boredom part and that is OK – I almost never feel like dealing with crazy – but it does make the time pass quicker and give me better things to write about here. So this post is just going to be what’s on my mind.

To me, the worst thing about this job is not the long hours behind the wheel or the being away from family and friends. I have my days where that gets to me, sure, but I’d rather be doing this than just about anything else in the world. No, the worst part is all the crashes. I don’t mean I get into a lot of accidents. If I did, I wouldn’t have a job right now most likely. It’s the rest of you driving around in your cars, in such a darn hurry to get wherever it is you think you absolutely, positively, have to get to. Truckers have seen some nasty stuff. Cars on fire, cars flipped over, cars wrapped around trees, people not moving and a big hole in the windshield. Man, do yourself a favor and take the extra two seconds to put your seatbelt on. I don’t need to see your broken self all over the road when I’m passing through.

I’d like a pet but I don’t know what to get. It’s hard because I’m on the road so much, that makes things kinda limited. I can’t get something like a fish – imagine all the water splashing everywhere when I make a turn or something — or a reptile that needs to be a certain temperature all the time. I think I’d like to get a dog. It would give me a reason to stop every couple of hours and stretch my legs, and the dog could keep me company at night. I have met some other long haulers that have pets (usually dogs) but my boss is allergic so I can’t have them in the rig. Maybe at my next job. I’ve never been a real fan of cats, so they’re out. I’ll keep thinking about it. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Did you know there are dating websites specifically for truckers? I heard there was one for farmers so I decided to check and see if they had one for truckers like me. Turns out there are a few! Trucker Personals and Meet a Trucker were the two I found right away, and that was enough for me to believe they exist. Dating sites, in general, can be kind of iffy so I wonder if these are any good, or if it is a bunch of crazy people looking for rest stop hookups. Anybody reading this have personal experience with them? I’m not looking for someone at the moment per se, but we’ll call it research. You never know when loneliness is going to hit you like a ton of bricks.

OK, I think I am about done with this brain dump. Time to do somethin’ else. I’ll write again soon.