Short Break From the Road

If nothing more, I will show that even a trucker can write and tell a story. Some unusual things happen between haul,s and it will be fun to relate the best of them. It is often about people and places, but sometimes ordinary household appliances get into the picture and keep me occupied. Recently, it was about a tankless hot water heater that a friend needed installed, but he didn’t have the money for a plumber. So instead of  professional job, it was to be a DIY project, headed by yours truly. I can’t imagine why he asked me since I have no plumbing experience. He just considers me a practical person with a good head.

My good head should have told me not to get involved, but as a good buddy, I had to give it a try. We unpacked the unit and looked for instructions. Yikes! They were in Japanese. Then we went online and found this blog post that looked helpful, although it was a bit short. Meanwhile, we lined up all the parts and cleared the closet where the appliance was to go.

Fortunately, a tankless water heater is not large given the absence of the obvious. It was easy to secure it to the wall, but then there was the problem of making an electrical connection and activating the computer. We plugged it in and pressed the “on” button. That wasn’t too hard. But the LED screen did not activate. We had to program the unit and set the desired quantity per day and average temperature. That took about ten more YouTube videos. Thank you, handymen out there, for your efforts in enlightening the DIY community at large. What would we do without the obsession with videos about everything?

It was a daunting task but we pulled it off in about ten hours. It would have been more cost-effective to employ a plumber. I could have taken another job and made some good money. But I solidified a friendship and went to bed happy that night.