Just a Regular Day

Today was a pretty typical day for me. I woke up at 5 – that’s 5 a.m., in case you were wondering – and got myself some breakfast and a to-go cup of coffee. I did my inspection on the truck and trailer to make sure I was good to go for the drive today. I had gotten a weather report already thanks to the TV at the truck stop, so I knew the roads should be OK in the direction I was headed. I confirmed the plan I made the night before, which I always do to be sure that there will be gas and a truck stop waiting for me at the end of the day and account for weigh stations along the way. Everything seemed to be in order, so I moved on to the next thing: making sure my log was up to date (it was). Then it was time to head out.

Since I’m doing a long haul at the moment, I needed to stop sometime around lunch to get something to eat and walk around. I might check the weather again if it is starting to look iffy, maybe look at the traffic reports during lunch, but everything seemed fine so I let it go. Occasionally if I’ve made really good time, I might investigate a local attraction, but there was nothing around so I checked in with the boss instead. After I ate and did another safety check, I topped off the gas – there was a few good stretches today of road and scrub and nothing else, and I wasn’t planning on running out of fuel somewheres — and got back out on the road to put in some more miles before rush hour.

Sometimes I am lucky enough that I’m not near a major city when rush hour starts and I’ll drive until it is quittin time, then eat. I try to plan it that way, but it all depends on where I need to go. Today I hit a decent sized city around 4, so there was no point to fight with people tryin’ to get home. So I headed to the place I’d planned to stop and got something to eat. Sometimes after that, if I have any time left over after most people are off the roads again, I’ll do a little more driving. But tonight, I was done.

I’m currently hanging out in my cab, trying to decide what I feel like doing now. We’ve got it better than the old timers – I don’t have to worry too much about how to entertain myself after working hours. Most of the truck stops I’ve been to have wi-fi, so I can hang out and watch something or play around online. If I’m feeling like I need some time away from the rig, I might hang out at the counter in the truck stop and shoot the breeze with some of the other truckers. I do all the necessary stuff like eat and shower. I plan my route for the next day so I know what time I’ll have to get up. Tomorrow’s wakeup time is 4:30, so I guess I better quit now.