Home for a Few Days

I managed to create a handful of days off in my schedule, which is both kinda rare and also great. I definitely need a break. When I am working long haul, I’m gone a good portion of the time. It’s good money and I get to see a lot of the country, but it is a tough lifestyle. I don’t really know the last time I made it home. Maybe it was two months ago? I am not sure. When your day is mostly wake up and drive, go to sleep, wake up and drive, the days and weeks sort of blend together.

It’s funny, I probably spend more time in my truck and on the road than in my actual house. The cab is as comfortable as a cab can be – it’s not a luxury hotel for sure but I know it’s better than the men and women in our military get, so you won’t hear me complaining. But home is home. Even though I am rarely here, there is just something about being home that feels so good. When I walk in the door, it is like I let go of a breath I did not know I was even holding. There’s room to walk around, it is where I keep all of my stuff, I get to sleep in my own bed. I’m not sleeping in a parking lot. I’m sprawling out on my couch with a meal I cooked in my own kitchen. I’m not waiting for my turn at the showers and drinking truck stop coffee that’s been sitting on a burner for too long. I take a real shower, at home, like a normal person, and have my own fresh-ground coffee waiting when I get out. I am not sitting at the counter in a middle of nowhere diner and chatting it up with people I will probably never see again. I am home watching a game – just about any game, really – with my friends.

Home is something I appreciate, maybe more than some people.

I have a roommate, who pretty much gets to live here on his own a good portion of the time, and in return I don’t have to worry about the pipes bursting in the cold or the house being taken over by an army of rodents while I am gone. It works out for everybody and it’s cheaper than me hiring a caretaker for the place while I am gone.

So I am going to log off the computer now and go play some basketball with an old friend. Tonight I will be eating a meal that my roommate is making – I am not sure what, but he swears it is going to be great and as long as it isn’t chicken fried steak I am cool with it. Then we’ll have a few beers at a bar nearby and see some old friends.

It’s great to be home.